Wonder Park Box Movie Collections

Production Budget: $100,000,000
Release Date : March 15th, 2019
Production Companies: Paramount Animation, Nickelodeon Films, Ilion Animation Studios, Midnight Radio Productions


John Oliver  –  Steve
Ken Hudson Campbell  –  Boomer
Brianna Denski  –  June
Norbert Leo Butz  –  Peanut
Ken Jeong  –  Cooper
Kenan Thompson  –  Gus
Mila Kunis  –  Greta

Total Gross Collections

Domestic Box Office: $19,512,074
International Box Office: $4,300,000
Worldwide Box Office: $23,812,074


The story of a magnificent amusement park where the creative ability of a fiercely imaginative young lady named June wakes up. One mystical day, June is going through the forested areas to discover her direction home where she finds an old rollercoaster vehicle and trips inside. She all of a sudden winds up in Wonderland, an entertainment mecca she had made in her brain and set aside. Every last bit of her rides and characters are enlivened yet are falling into confusion without her. Presently, with the assistance of her fun and adorable park characters, June should return the miracle in Wonderland before it is lost until the end of time.