Adele and Simon Konecki just grew apart because of Adele’s stardom

A week ago, the world discovered that Adele and Simon Konecki had isolated following eight years together.

Promptly, a few unavoidable issues sprang to mind, not the least of which was, when would we be able to expect the most epic separation collection ever?

We kid Adele out of adoration.

No, what fans truly needed to know was how much will Adele be compelled to pay Simon (Hint: it’s a ton), and what made these two give up.

All things considered, it wasn’t so horribly quite a while in the past that Adele appeared to be head-over-heels for Simon, and the other way around.

Be that as it may, on the other hand, a great deal has occurred in the a long time since Adele and Simon got together.

The split was declared on Friday with the typical standard proclamations from reps for the couple:

“Adele and her accomplice have isolated,” the announcement read.

“They are focused on bringing up their child together affectionately. As dependably they request security. There will be no further remark.”

Obviously, not a huge amount of data there.

In any case, while there’s been “no further remark” from Adele’s group, insiders near the circumstance have offered important bits of knowledge to the media.

An unmistakable picture is starting to develop concerning what drove Adele and Simon to their choice to go separate ways – and it sounds like it’s a commonplace situation that torments numerous superstar relational unions.

“They shared a ton for all intents and purpose right off the bat, however in the long run they just became separated,” an insider tells E! News.

“She turned into a greater and greater star, and he was alright [with] being out of sight, yet as she got greater and had huge visits and extreme calendars, they just became separated.”

Like we stated, it’s a story as old as time.

It’s fundamentally A Star Is Born, aside from Simon got a huge settlement check as opposed to punching his own ticket in the carport.

Goodness, um … spoiler alert for A Star is Born.

The source asserts the split came as a stun even to the vocalist’s dearest companions:

“Their marriage was obviously working for quite a while,” the insider includes.

“At whatever point she was out at enormous openings and exceptional occasions, he was typically with her, and they looked actually simply upbeat together and in affection.”

The source accepts the two gatherings kept taking a shot at the relationship until the end, saying:

“They were into the marriage essentially until they chose this simply isn’t working any longer.”

Luckily, it seems as if Adele and Simon are focused on keeping the split neighborly for their child, 6-year-old Angelo.

“It’s exceedingly far-fetched this will get appalling,” says the source.

That is something worth being thankful for. All things considered, Adele has a collection to record.