Is Sophie Turner bisexual?

Regardless of whether she’s examining her commitment to Joe Jonas or revealing to Piers Morgan to quiets down always, Sophie Turner is an enjoyment.

She and her bestie, Game of Thrones costar, made the front of Rolling Stone and talked about each subject under the sun.

Sophie grabbed the most eye when she referenced people, and how her fascination depends on the soul, not on individual’s sex.

Appearing on the cover of Rolling Stone, Sophie Turner is making headlines over her statements about attraction and gender.

“Everyone experiments,” Sophie observes.

She characterizes that “It’s part of growing up.”

With respect to her own personal history, she explains why gender has never been a barrier for her, but a detail.

“I love a soul,” Sophie reveals. “Not a gender.”

Sophie additionally talked about how her fellowship with her castmate, Maisie Williams, bloomed.

She says that everything began when both of them sat down for a science read, route in 2009.

“We were essentially closest companions from that second on,” Sophie shares.

The two play sisters, Sansa and Arya Stark, on Game of Thrones.

Strikingly, both have proceeded to play freaks in X-Men films.

Sophie obviously is a youthful Jean Gray, while Maisie plays Rahne Sinclair in New Mutants … at whatever point that really gets released.