Larissa lima’s instagram account was hacked by her ex-husband colt johnson

Last week, 90 Day Fiance star Larissa Lima revealed the grim fate of Colt Johnson’s ring.

But this week, Larissa’s Instagram account has been taken similarly out of reach.

She was, in colloquial terms, hacked.

To make matters worse, the imposter then began to report each new account that she made for “impersonation.”

That’s already a bad situation.

But, to make matters worse, Colt appears to be taking credit for her current nightmare.

1. This feud has gone too far

Larissa and Colt have both taken shots at each other on Instagram. Now, someone has taken Larissa’s Instagram account right out from under her.

2. Larissa Lima’s Instagram was hacked

Others who have been in contact with Larissa, including castmate Ashley Martson, shared links to her new, real Instagram account.

3. Larissa asked for help from fans
He wants them to unfollow and report her old account so that the impersonator couldn’t reap the benefits of hundreds of thousands of followers.

4. Reporting it didn’t do much good at first
That account is gone as of Tuesday afternoon, but it remained up on Monday, pushing whatever it wanted onto the timelines of countless actual Instagram users. Instagram is infamously not great about dealing with hacked accounts, and nothing that happened on Monday changed anyone’s opinions about that.

5. Larissa was having a much tougher time
In the mean time, whoever had taken control of that account was reporting Larissa’s new, REAL account as false, even though Larissa had put up a short, never-before-seen video of herself to show that it was the real deal.

6. Then people noticed that the hacker was from Vegas
Larissa’s reply here seems to indicate that she believes that this is still further harassment from her bitter ex, Colt Johnson. As if trying to get her deported weren’t enough!

7. And Colt appears to be taking credit
Notice the line about “hacking skills” in his profile. That’s new. He’s not coming right out and saying that he did it, but … wow. It’s hard to ignore that timing.

8. Is this an admission?
Coltee is a software engineer, though, as we will explain, “hacking” wasn’t quite the right word.

9. Ashley Martson warns: someone tried it with her

Larissa’s fellow 90 Day Fiance star put out a PSA to her followers, warning that there is an Instagram verification scam going around. She strongly hints that this is how Larissa’s account was stolen out from under her.

10. Here is how the scam looks

Aside from that email address, this almost looks legit. But it’s not legitimate. If someone emails you out of the blue, don’t give them any information. It’s the same rule for phone calls, though honestly, how many people actually answer the phone from unknown numbers anyway?
11. So it wasn’t Colt after all
This is a phishing scam. It’s the same way that Russian operatives “hacked” both the DNC and RNC. All that you have to do, in some cases, is click one bad link in an email and you open your account up to all sorts of horrors.
12. Wait, so why did Coltee take credit?
Remember, Larissa regrets doing 90 Day Fiance. Colt says that he’s glad that he did it because he “learned a lot.”
14. Translation? Larissa was right
Remember when she called him an attention whore? He really does like being the center of attention. We’re guessing that this is especially true on Instagram, since he was sliding into DMs left and right late last year.
15. But what will Larissa do now?
Instagram is key to a reality star’s career, brand, and access to fans. We hope that she gets things sorted out soon — before 90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After? premieres on April 28!