Leah Messer and Jason’s relationship has hit rock bottom again.

Leah Messer is plainly experiencing some post-separation harshness since she has a great deal she might want to get off her chest.

The Teen Mom 2 star has been tossing shade left and ideal on Twitter after as of late affirming that she and ex Jason Jordan have part.

She began off with easygoing subtweeting and preferring of other individuals’ messages, however at this point Leah is very brave so pleasant expressions of her own.

After Leah shared an Instagram post that emphatically alluded to the couple’s separating, reports immediately surfaced that Leah dumped her more seasoned ex due to his controlling conduct.

“So thankful for this beautiful journey that we call life!” she wrote in front of a floral backdrop.

“My thought of the day… Everyone comes into our lives for a reason, a season or a lifetime. I’m thankful for everyone I’ve journeyed with and continue to learn and grow.”

Now, fans started to consider the way that Leah and Jason’s relationship probably wound up in a sorry situation. Once more.

“When we can live in the present with appreciation, there’s no room for judgment,” she continued.

“Some things are just not meant to be and that’s ok.”

And keeping in mind that the message appeared to demonstrate that Leah was doing quite well, fans saw directly through it.

Be that as it may, her devotees were at a junction on the grounds that the last time Leah and Jason separated she expelled the majority of their photos from her Instagram profile.

In any case, this time his photos were not promptly expelled, and none of us comprehended what the hell was going on!

In any case, by March 18, only a couple of days after her troubling post, all proof of their relationship had at long last been erased from her Instagram.

Erasing pictures after a separation is a typical move, be that as it may, Leah sent other unobtrusive signs that she and Jason were absolutely OVER.

Also, it got genuine.

“You’re so vain / you probably think / this Tweet is about you,” Leah retweeted from another user.

Even though it wasn’t Leah’s own words, we of course got the hint that Jason is so vain.

She also liked a post about relationship equality.

“If he pays for dinner, I got the tip. If he buys the movie ticket, I got the snacks and drinks. If he pays for everything one night, I got the next date. It’s a balanced relationship that’s how we roll.”

Looks like this girl is staying single for now!