Leah Messer response to rumor on her pregnancy

Throughout recent weeks, the Teen Mom-fixated corners of the web have been focused on the talk that Leah Messer is pregnant.

Not just that, the connivance scholars trust Leah is back together with Jeremy Calvert, and that she’s thumped up with her past infant daddy’s child.

It’s not totally clear how these bits of gossip began.

To the extent we can tell, fans blew a gasket when they understood that Jeremy went to the current year’s Teen Mom 2 get-together show.

We can perceive how from that point, they made the jump to Leah and Jeremy being back together.

In any case, how they got to Jeremy putting an infant in Leah is impossible to say.

Obviously, now and then when talk like this influences the rounds in spite of an all out absence of proof to recommend it’s actual, it makes you wonder if there’s truly something to it.

All things considered, if individuals are stating Leah is pregnant regardless of a complete absence of child knock photographs or some other persuading verification, at that point perhaps there’s a whole other world to the story than meets the eye, isn’t that so?

No doubt, not for this situation.

One fearless fan chose to bring matters into her very own hand and essentially inquire as to whether she’s thumped up.

“Is Leah pregnant once more?” the viewer tweeted.

Leah squandered no time in issuing a dull reaction:

“For hell’s sake. no,” she answered.

Some of Leah’s adherents were delighted by the straightforward idea of Leah’s reaction, with one tweeting. “You ceased that talk dead in it’s tracks.”

In any case, in the event that you were seeking after another child with an “A” name that is excessively like the names of her kids, dread not:

Leah says she might want to have another child … sometime in the not so distant future.

“I would need to have another child,” she said on an ongoing scene of Teen Mom 2.

“I need to impart that to the individual that I am going to spend an amazing remainder with.”

So it sounds like Leah is as yet single after her separation with Jason Jordan.

Either that, or she’s simply playing shy about her compromise with Jeremy Calvert.

Obviously, if that is the situation, she might need to tell the truth as soon as possible.

All things considered, it is difficult staying quiet when you this numerous individuals attempting to make sense of your best course of action.