Mama june and her boyfriend Geo doak were arrested for drug possession

Mother June has completed a great deal in her 39 years on this planet.



She’s brought forth four beautiful little girls, the most youthful being a genius and a flat out blessing to this world.

That’s right, without June, we never would have met the magnificent Honey Boo, and would you be able to envision how much darker this world would be without her?

June and her family were acquainted with all of us on Toddlers and Tiaras, yet they proceeded to get their own unscripted TV drama, Here Comes Honey Boo Child.

Obviously, that finished when June began dating an indicted youngster molester, so the things June has done haven’t generally been great.More on that in one minute.

Following a couple of years, somebody thought it was cool to bring this unscripted TV drama goldmine once again into the spotlight, and that is the manner by which we got Mama June: From Not to Hot.

Furthermore, it truly was noteworthy how she lost so much weight.The show did actually well, it’s still broadcasting live, so clearly individuals are keen on June.You know what June is keen on?


As per another report from TMZ, there was an episode at a corner store in Alabama on Wednesday, and the occurrence was … all things considered, it wasn’t incredible.

Somebody called the police when they saw June and her boyfriend, Geno Doak, battling, and the subtleties aren’t very clear at the present time, however he was captured for abusive behavior at home.

They were both captured for lawful offense ownership of a controlled substance and medication stuff.


TMZ got a grip of the police report, which said that when Geno was being captured for the abusive behavior at home, an officer started to pat him down.


He cautioned the officer not to put his hand within his pocket since “I don’t need you to get sticked or nothing.”


That is the manner by which the cops realized medications were included, and they found a needle in his pocket, just as one in the plank of flooring of their vehicle on the driver’s side.They tapped June down, as well, and she had a glass pipe on her.

At the point when police looked through the vehicle all the more completely, they found a pill bottle in the glove compartment with some sort of white substance inside.She let it be known was rocks.


Once more, there aren’t numerous extra subtleties right now, however we do realize that June has since been discharged from prison.

We realize that in light of the fact that there’s sound of her endeavoring to get her vehicle out of appropriate without her driver’s permit.

She sounded berserk at that point, she was talking extremely quick and she didn’t bode well.Since rocks is truly no joke.

This is all we know at the present time – June hasn’t created an impression, nor has anybody related with her.