Porsha William and Dennis McKinley announced their child middle name

As recently revealed, The Real Housewives of Atlanta fans, she … is … here!

Also, presently she has a name!

Three days after Porsha William and life partner Dennis McKinley affirmed that the veteran Bravo identity had brought forth the couple’s first youngster, Porsha herself has turned out and uncovered her little girl’s first name.

And furthermore her center name.

“Pilar Jhena’ McKinley’s Parents #MeetTheMckinleys,” composed the long-term reality star as an inscription to a photograph of herself and McKinley on Instagram.

So there you have it: Pilar Jhena.

What do you think?

Neither Porsha nor Dennis has divulged a very close photograph of their valuable infant right now, however McKinley has at any rate given supporters two or three looks inside the clinic room.

In one depiction, you can see Porsha’s mother, Diane, affectionately holding her granddaughter; while in another, the pristine human is being taken to an early morning say something.

Williams and McKinkey respected their child young lady on Friday, March 22 at 1:36 p.m.

She gauged 6 pounds, 15 ounces, and estimated 20 inches in length at the time she entered the world.

Before the end of last week, when Porsha and Dennis affirmed the updates on this favored occasion to People Magazine, they likewise shared a photograph of Pilar charmingly holding her dad’s finger while in his arms.

“What a time to be alive! Porsha and I are so happy and blessed to announce the arrival of our daughter, Baby PJ,” the couple said in a statement this same magazine, adding:

“We couldn’t have imagined a more magical moment! Can’t thank everyone enough for joining us on this journey-it’s been a fantastic journey.”

Porsha announced she was expecting back in September.

She admitted at the time that she was obviously excited, but also scared due to a previous miscarriage.

“I’ve had a premature delivery before from quite a while ago, which I’ve additionally been open about in light of the fact that I endure with fibroids and needed to have a myomectomy,” said Williams this harvest time, including:

“So simply the dread of, ‘Is the child going to be alright? Will I make it full term?’ All those inquiries that you inquire as to whether you’ve had a premature delivery previously.”

To the extent we know at this moment, both Mommy and Baby are doing extraordinary.

Which just makes us so glad to hear!