Will Britney Spears says GoodBye to Music?

These are tough times for the pop symbol referred to her revering fans as Godney.

As you may have heard, Britney Spears’ dad is accounted for to be on his demise bed.

Jamie Spears was compelled to experience crisis medical procedure after his colon suddenly cracked in November of 2018.

Tragically, in the months since, the 66-year-old’s medical problems have persevered, and insiders state the Spears family has been advised to prepare themselves for the most noticeably bad.

The singer is so distressed by the circumstance that she registered with an emotional wellness office a month ago.

Sources state Britney looked for help early, and with the assistance of friends and family and experts, she’s figured out how to avoid another emergency.

In any case, that doesn’t mean she’ll restore the stage at any point in the near future.

As indicated by insiders who talked with Michael Shuter for his Straight Shuter web recording, Britney has chosen to step far from music for a long time to come – and right now, it’s indistinct if the 37-year-old will ever perform again.

“Britney’s solitary occupation is getting help and she has registered with an office to look for treatment,” says one source.

“She will take the necessary steps to recover and on the off chance that that implies leaving performing, at that point so be it.”

Luckily, it appears that Britney still can’t seem to encounter any blowback from her choice.

“Individuals around her are as a rule extremely strong and couldn’t care less about how a lot of cash she will leave,” says the insider.

“She as of now has more money than she can ever spend and now is edgy to discover something that cash can’t purchase, joy.”

An alternate source affirms to Us Weekly that her dad’s disease was a “limit” for Britney that made her reexamine her life and needs.

“Britney was distressed when her father previously became ill,” one insider tells the newspaper.

“At that point there was where she was taking care of it better and feeling progressively positive in light of the fact that Jamie appeared to improve, however then his condition exacerbated and she couldn’t sincerely deal with the prospect of possibly losing him,” the source includes.

“It was her limit.”

Britney has officially suspended her Las Vegas residency uncertainly, a choice she imparted to fans in a sincere Instagram post:

“Several months prior, my dad was hospitalized and nearly passed on,” she composed.

“We’re all so appreciative that he left it alive, yet regardless he has a lengthy, difficult experience in front of him. I needed to settle on the troublesome choice to put my full spotlight and vitality on my family as of now.

“I trust all of you can get it.”

Our contemplations go out to the Spears family at this troublesome time, and we trust Britney can locate whatever sort of assistance she needs.