Tessa Thompson played a bisexual character

Tessa Thompson says she has played her Marvel Cinematic Universe characterma Valkyrie as androgynous.

The performer tended to the sexuality of her character at the world debut of Avengers: Endgame.

“In the standard, (Valkyrie) is promiscuous. You see her with ladies and men, so that was my expectation in playing her.

“Clearly, at the bleeding edge of a large portion of these accounts isn’t regularly their sentimental life. They have enormous stakes, such as sparing the world, with the goal that watches out for kind of trump,” Thompson told Variety.

She included that Valkyrie probably won’t restrain her post-world-sparing snuggles to only one Avenger.

“I hear on the Internet there’s been a ton of triangular discussions around Captain Marvel, Valkyrie and Thor, and I think a collective spoon — only a spoon between companions that are dedicated would be a decent thing,” she said.