Deadwood Movie Trailer

Directed by  David Milch
Produced by  David Milch
                     Carolyn Strauss
                     Daniel Minahan
                     Gregg Fienberg
                     Scott Stephens
                     Ian McShane
                     Timothy Olyphant
Written by  David Milch
Cinematography        Dave Klein
Production company HBO Films
Release date              May 31, 2019


Ian McShane
Timothy Olyphant
Molly Parker
Paula Malcomson
John Hawkes
Anna Gunn
Dayton Callie
Brad Dourif
Robin Weigert


The Movie is a forthcoming American TV movie directed by Daniel Minahan and written by David Milch for HBO. It is a continuation of the TV series of a similar name. It will debut on May 31, 2019 In 1889, the residents of Deadwood are brought together to observe South Dakota’s statehood. As per the film’s maker Carolyn Strauss, “It’s about the progression of time. The toll of time on individuals. It’s mellowed a few people and solidified others. Also, it’s about the town’s developing and ending up some portion of the Union and what that occasion gets under way, in an exceptionally close to home route for the general population that it acquires town and what follows.

The time has negatively affected [Al] Swearengen. He’s the individual who truly drove such a large amount of the life of the town and there’s a feeling of that control winding down to some degree, and what results of that is a major piece of the story.”

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